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Spray PolyureaWe can proudly say that during the last years we gained the leader position in spraying of two-components hydro insulation and heat insulation. These are polyurea – hydro insulation, anticorrosion protection, industrial floors covering and polyurethane foam, which combines heat and hydro insulation. Polyurethane hydro insulation and heat insulation is different than the traditional insulating materials – it is joint-free covering, which is applied directly on the surface without cutting, sticking and thermal bridges. In this way you receive complete covering – hydro insulation and heat insulation without holes, joints and cracks, with guaranteed energy efficiency and smooth operation. The company has reliable and well-trained team and mobile equipment for perfect execution of joint-free hydro insulation and heat insulation with many years of guarantee at a reasonable price.

We work hard on some new and unknown in Bulgaria until now products and services. Now we can offer you blasting machines, MicroStrip machines for fine abrasive cleaning using ARMEX abrasive, blasting cabinets, nozzles and accessories. All blastpots have Euro certificate – they comply to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC also known as PED. Also we can offer you a custom machine appropriate to your needs.Spray Polyurethane Foam

En-Impex Sofia Ltd. offers the customers façade cleaning, industrial cleaning, graffiti removing, sandblasting, hydro blasting, etc. We offer different products in the “battle” with graffiti for cleaning depending on the surface and the type of graffiti and anti-graffiti products for protection of new scribbles.

Blasting Аnd Cleaning ServicesAll our efforts are oriented to meet the highest requirements of our customers in the areas we work in. We do not separate out customers to small and big. For us all customers are very important. Do not hesitate to connect us for a free consultation, an advice or just a friendly conversation. You have to be sure that here you will find the best decision for hydro insulation, heat insulation, blasting machines, abrasive cleaning and anti-graffiti products.



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